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solutions at the intersection of data, creativity and technology


We have created a purpose driven experience workshop that helps brands to:

1) Identify and articulate its purpose in an actionable way by translating brand belief into brand behavior.

2) Assemble a sandbox to co-create connected experiences for a brand as a cross-functional or cross-agency team.

The core of our workshop is eight territories defined by the convergence of human motivations and brand purpose. They territories frame and inspire the creation of meaningful experiences.

Our workshop is strategic and smart, but also very playful and creative. 

We will need around 2 weeks from brief to outcomes.

To start, we'd like to share with you our Powerade Case around "A kid from... " and Lebron James



Predictive data driven framework that fuels the strategy and design of effective content: 

1) Leveraging your own data and combining with other secondary and tertiary data streams, we identify the content areas holding more strategic capital for your brand.

We define strategic capital for a content area as the right combination of scale, currency and equity building potential for your brand.

2) In the process, we will learn how this area of content behaves, and we will use these insights to design the content for your brand: what are the right messages, formats, platforms, dynamics, etc... around your area of content.

We can also help you to move from what is right in content to make it remarkable through a collaboration with your content creator partners.

We will need around 4 weeks from brief to content marketing strategy.



A connections planning approach that seamlessly BRIDGES brand strategy and execution:

1) A comprehensive but flexible approach that covers any project from inception to implementation.

We build the strategic foundations through deep audience profiles that focus on receptivity and consumer journeys that acknowledge the power of context. 

2) The backbone of the connections planning experience is a media hungry idea that harnesses the combined power of creativity and media.

The media hungry idea is de-coded through a set of operational principles covering channels, content, communities, currency, and conversation.

The ultimate outcome is a dynamic communications solution that responds to context (sets of conditions, when and where's) to ensure effectiveness.