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Over the preceding 20 years, marketing and communications have evolved through different integration models:

1) First, the horizontal integration of the mid-90's, around ideas lead by the ad agency with specialty shops -PR, promotions, DM- in a supporting role.

2) Second, the vertical integration of the 21st century’s first decade, organized around the business and purchase funnel from awareness, to engagement, to acquisition, and usually combining an ad agency, a digital agency, and a CRM agency.

3) Today the disruption of technology companies and its effect in the rise of consumer expectations combined with their inherent capability to create seamless ecosystems of value, is raising the bar for any company and brand to overcome consumers indifference and produce results. The need for a third model of integration is challenging all the categories of products and services. 

We at Overflow have experience across these different models of integration and the marketing and digital acumen to propose a new model, inspired by the success of technology companies and focused on the creation of value to consumers. We called it Value-driven Integration and its principles are at the core of everything we do at Overflow.

We know people, we know brands and we want to embrace this new reality in marketing and communications. As complex and convoluted as this is and looks, we believe this is a new era for brands and agencies and we are ready to partner with your brand or your company to harness the new possibilities of integration living at the intersection of data, technology and creativity. 


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One of the main challenges for a marketer today is managing through the complexity of marketing and communications and get to results. 

Our core team at Overflow has the right balance between experience in brand strategy and expertise in harnessing the new possibilities of data, technology and creativity.




Meet the Team


Rocio F. Brusseau

Overflow's strategic lead, Rocio is a global strategist working for creative, digital and media agencies across three continents and supporting Fortune 50 clients, including VW, AT&T, Mondelez, Citi or Chase.

Rocio's strategic experience extends from the creation of brand strategies to the orchestration of integrated connection plans with cross-functional and cross agency teams.  

A "hybrid" by background and passion, Rocio has created new strategic practices, specialized business units and additional revenue streams for creative and media agencies as well as the design of new solutions at the intersection of data, content and technology in partnership with Google and Spotify.

Past experience: DDB, Ogilvy, JWT, VaynerMedia, Starcom Mediavest. 




Tim Haden

Analytics lead, Tim has 15+ years’ experience working in senior client facing positions with Fortune 500 clients across Europe and the US. These clients have included: NBC Universal, AT&T, Mandarin Oriental, NASDAQ, AMEX, Jaguar Land Rover, Ubisoft, MetLife and Unilever.

His work has primarily centered on customer experience (CX) management solutions leveraging analytics, personalization, targeting, content management and advertising technologies.

He has launched eCommerce stores and in some instances appeared as a subject matter expert on the BBC, Fox, and NBC. Tim was responsible for bringing enterprise solutions to market at Tapad which sold to Telenor for $360M. He holds a degrees in engineering from the University of Warwick, UK.




Jeanene Kroetch

Operations lead for Overflow, Jeanene is a client management executive with international experience that has expanded her focus to include operational management within agencies, focusing on creating new revenue streams and improving processes and employee utilization for increased ROI.

She has leveraged technology platforms and, using Lean and Agile methodologies, has designed solutions that optimize creative development and production processes for faster in-market deployment and better resource management. Jeanene has also led a global consolidation of operations across 10 countries, merging multiple project management systems, workflows and asset archiving into a single universal way of working for improved productivity, visibility and reporting.